Julie Gromett aka Tweedy Gromett

by admin on  September 25, 2014 |

Julie Gromett

BBC British Sewing Bee

So you may or may not of heard of Julie Gromett, and you may or may not of heard of Tweedy Gromett but all I can say is watch out because I am sure this lil lady will be famous in the coming future. She works at WDH in Airedale with my mum Jayne Womack and in her spare time she creates tweed clothing for young children, babies and now adults. She has been becoming more and more popular after she starred in the BBC’s British Sewing Bee showing off her skills but unfortunately not winning the competition. Her fan base increased during the show as people saw that she was a genuine and down to earth person who was just doing something she is passionate about and people love that!

She has since been selling her tweeds at horse shows and different country events and as time goes by she is getting busier which means she is going to have to cut down working at WDH which is such a massive risk but she is a lady who knows you need to take risks to get anywhere in life.

She came to Womack Photography and to our studio in South Elmsall to get some profile photos done and also have photos of her products taken to put on her website Tweedygromett.com

Here’s a photo from the day.

Good luck to you Julie! Remember us little people.

Julie Gromett aka Tweedy Gromett


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