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Bettina Viski came to the studio and wanted lots of different poses and styles of photography such as casual, funky, edgy and formal.

It helped with her bringing lots of different outfits with her as what you are wearing really matters and adds to the end product.

We got some great poses and had a fun timing trying to find some weird ones which she could mirror.

But in the end there were a lot of original, simple and comfortable poses which were very effective!

I got the idea of taking her outside in some edgy clothes such as a tank top and denim shorts.

This worked we since the area behind the studio really does have that grunge look about it with all of the different styles of brick work and wood.

The photos came out really well and Bettina was happy with the results!

She ordered 20 photos on a disc.

Here is a photo from that day outside.



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